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Carol Dundes portrait.jpg

Carol Dundes, MA, NCC

Resident Therapist

Where You'll Find Carol:

Samaritan's Sewickley, Beaver, and Rochester offices

Carol graduated with a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Geneva College in December of 2021 and is pursuing a double licensure as both a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. She is currently a National Certified Counselor. Following her exemplary internship as a graduate student, she has transitioned to our post-graduate residency program. Carol is continuing to counsel clients, fulfilling the required hours to achieve her PA state license. Working with couples, families, and especially young people is Carol's passion, and she hopes to help families and individuals heal, grow, and achieve wellness. 


Her experience volunteering with the teen grief program Young Adult Beginning Experience has helped Carol to see the great need for grief work and its transformative powers; this really opened her heart to working with young people. Furthermore, exploring the impact of our family lives and closest relationships on our mental health means that Carol aspires to assist clients in establishing or rediscovering strong foundations at home.


Adopting a person-centered, holistic approach, Carol is excited to work with her clients, whether individually, in families, or in groups, to build strengths in all areas of her clients' lives, including spirituality. Sensitivity to diversity in all its forms is extremely important to Carol, whether that be sexual preference/gender identity, age, ethnicity, spiritual/religious beliefs, disabilities, or others, and she constantly seeks to respect and learn from everyone she meets. Carol's own exposure to counseling helps her understand the joys, sorrows, hopes, and fears that her clients may be feeling as they consider seeking better mental health, and she offers an empathetic, individually tailored counseling experience.

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