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Chris Standish

Founder of his own Property Management company

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Chris Standish is a Sewickley native with a long local family

history. He currently serves as secretary of Samaritan's board of directors and is an active and passionate advocate.


After moving to West Tisbury, MA in his 20s, and serving as a volunteer firefighter/EMT, he felt called to a career as a firefighter/ paramedic in Cape Cod where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant/ shift commander. Later, he moved to the larger, busier fire depart-ment in Hyannis. In 1995, Chris became a fire instructor at the Barnstable County Fire Training Academy which got him noticed by the FEMA MATF-1, an urban Search and Rescue Taskforce based in Beverly, Massachusetts. Chris spent 19 years with FEMA.

In 1999, Chris became an active volunteer with, and an event Chairperson for Figawi Charities in Massachusetts which has generated more than three million dollars over the years, benefiting many of Cape Cod’s most worthy organizations.


Chris retired in 2014, moved back to Sewickley, and started a property management company to which he devotes much of his time.


A regular face at the Sewickley Presbyterian Church, Chris has found many new friends and stays actively involved in supporting the mission initiatives of the Church.

Chris' Total Tips: $225

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