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David Sculley


Sculley Brothers

Menu: Hearty Italian Ragu

Category: Main Dish


If David's cooking is half as amazing as his career, we are all in

for a huge treat!


David Sculley was the President and CEO of H.J. Heinz U.S.A. from 1985-90. From 1990-96, he ran most of Heinz’s inter-national operations, including Weight Watchers. During his 22-year career with Heinz, he is credited with acquiring Weight Watchers and the development of the plastic squeeze bottle for Heinz Ketchup.


In 1996, David and his brothers formed the private investment firm, Sculley Brothers, headquartered in New York City. 

David also founded, Country Gourmet Foods, and served as the CEO of other companies, such as Waterford Wedgwood, after the company had experienced financial difficulty. 

David continues to offer his expertise to the business community by serving on a number of boards including Wolfgang Puck Worldwide.and MDLIVE, a leader in telehealth.

Earlier in his life, David earned his degree in Economics from Harvard. He played hockey for the U.S. Men’s Field Hockey team in the 1970s. 

David's Total Tips:


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