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George (Bud) Smith


Clinical Professor of Business Administration

Katz Business School, University of Pittsburgh

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Bud is a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Katz Business School and owns his own executive coaching firm.

Throughout his lifetime, Bud has held CEO and other executive leadership positions for major corporations in the U.S. and abroad. He also founded several companies, served as a business consultant and as an adjunct professor. Bud served in the United States Navy as a shipboard line officer, Atlantic Fleet.

Currently, Bud is the Clinical Professor of Business Administration, Katz Business School, University of Pittsburgh and is a Master Executive Coach and Founder of the Sewickley Alliance, Inc., an executive coaching firm.

Bud earned his Master of Science in Management, M.I.T. Sloan School, with Harvard Business School option.

Bud continues to serve his community on multiple boards and resides in Sewickley with his wife, Carolyn.

Bud's Total Tips: $100

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