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Cooking with Papa

Talia & Joe “Papa” Messino

Joe is the owner of Messiholistics 

Menu: TBD

Category: TBD

"I've been in the nutrition/natural health industry for over 27 years. Managing the aging process is a passion of mine . . . and it all starts with what we put into our mouths! Plus, being 105% Italian, I'm an advocate for it all having to taste good, too. Last but not least, I taught my granddaughter how to make amazing meatballs when she was only four year old!"

Joe had cooked for us at our inaugural 50 Fabulous Cooks event. His Italian Chili was a hit, especially since his granddaughter helped!

Please join us this year and have a hearty sample of some healthy Italian food, Joe Messino style.


Joe's Total Tips: $0

Pasta Pesto
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