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Therapist Paul De Renzo earned his Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Chatham University. As a post-graduate resident, Paul is working toward his state licensure. A compassionate man of faith and many talents (he also worked as an attorney), Paul shares his ongoing experience as a Samaritan clinician.


What is a typical workday for you?

A typical workday at this point is like most of the other therapists. I prepare for the clients on my schedule for the day, complete the sessions with the clients and then document their charts. In between sessions I make necessary telephone calls and draft treatment plans. During all of this, there are always people around the office to provide any necessary guidance.

My days did not start like this. When I started over a year ago, they were much different. Everyday was a day of terrific training. I had the opportunity to sit in on sessions with 7 different therapists. I was able to see different therapy styles and the different issues that clients brought to the session. I was also trained on how to properly document the sessions and use the electronic record system.

High quality training and supervision were and still are always available, which allows me to continue to learn everyday.

What impact has your internship had on you personally? On your career potential?

My internship has had a big impact on me personally and on my career potential. Personally, it has introduced me to a lot of wonderful, intelligent people that are always willing to help. It also introduced me to a place that clients and therapists can use Faith as part of healing. That has caused me to explore my Faith more deeply and use it to try and provide the best counsel to my clients.

From a career standpoint, it has put me in a position to be a very good therapist. I received great training so I learned how to do things the right way from the beginning. I receive great supervision that often offers a point of view that I had not considered. While I had learned a lot from previous internships, Samaritan has taught me how to take all that information that I have learned and put it to use helping real people that need it.

What are the things you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the people that make up Samaritan. They are people of Faith that really care for their clients. They also care about the people that surround them and they are always willing to help when necessary. They make it a very comfortable place to work.

I enjoy the clients. They come from all different stations in life with a vast scope of issues. They provide me an opportunity to help make it a little easier for them to manage their daily life. It is a joy to work with the people that come to Samaritan.

It is also enjoyable meeting with clients in different office locations. The different locations add to the variety of clients and issues.  

Would you recommend Samaritan’s resident internship program to other graduate students? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend Samaritan as a great place to complete an internship for any graduate student. I believe that one of the most important parts of starting a career is learning how to do things correctly from the beginning. While every therapist is different and every agency may handle things differently, the fundamentals that you learn at Samaritan are universal and will help you in any career path you may take in the future.

Aside from the great training and supervision, it is a nice place to work. I believe I learn more and am better suited to help clients because I enjoy going to work.