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"... My Samaritan therapist helped me so much; I could never thank her enough. She was a gift straight from Heaven.”

                                                                  "Sandra," former client

Luncheon: May 1, 2020

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Giving Opportunities

When a woman in crisis seeks help at Samaritan, but lacks the resources to pay, she can qualify for financial aid based on household income and family size. Typically, a woman who is eligible will pay an average of $40 per session--sometimes less.

Knowing this, we can estimate the number of sessions a woman can receive for a certain dollar figure. The more sessions she has, the more she can progress through identifying the roots of her pain, learning coping skills, healing from trauma, and experiencing spiritual and personal growth. 

How Your Gift Helps

  • Tier of Health: $125 helps a woman in crisis set treatment goals with her therapist.

  • Tier of Healing: $250 helps a woman address her hidden wounds, exploring issues that may have been buried and never dealt with.

  • Tier of Hope: $500 helps a woman establish a plan for healthy living--learning how to manage emotions and stress, attain life balance, and practice self-care.

  • Tier of Strength: $1,000 empowers a woman to use the tools and insight she gained from counseling to transform her life.


Is your heart calling you to help? Please give what you can afford and know that you are bringing healing, hope and stability to another woman's life. Thank you!

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