Kellie Walker, MS
Professional Counselor,

Prior to earning her Master’s of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Kellie worked in financial services as well as in the insurance industry. However, she had yearned to be a therapist for many years, because of her inherent passion to help others. “I believe that good mental health can make life easier to manage, and assisting people with their wellness goals is fulfilling for me,” she shares.

Kellie expresses that she is excited to serve an internship with Samaritan because of our faith-based approach, allowing her to learn how to help clients who want to integrate their faith into their treatment plan.

Like many therapists, Kellie sought and received counseling during times of adversity in her own life. She draws on both her positive and negative experiences as a client to more effectively guide the people she counsels.

“My life experience has helped me to be empathetic with others who are struggling through hard times. To Samaritan, I offer my flexibility, confidence, reliability, and desire to continually improve.”

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