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Co-Founders of Unglued Church:

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Since it's inception in 2013, The Unglued Church program has led churches in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and  Delaware to enrich their ministries, build on their strengths, and move forward.

Freeing Churches for a Hopeful Future

All of our churches, large and small, face deep, adaptive challenges—problems that cannot be resolved by our current know-how, a new curriculum, or by our standard operating procedures. The Unglued Church program grew out of the need to help congregations work together to address these challenges, examine who they are, and how they can best use their resources and assets to serve their neighborhoods. 


How Does the Unglued Church Program Work?

The program is a process that takes place during a mutually agreed-upon timeframe through which the pastor and identified congregation members work collaboratively with the Unglued Church team.

Through the use of scripture, discernment skills, and thoughtful planning, you will:

  • Assess your church's resources

  • Identify your strengths and problem areas

  • Dive into the needs of your neighborhood

  • Recognize what is no longer working for you

  • Discover what God is calling you to do next

  • Create an action plan that will take you where you want to go.


Your church will be empowered to overcome its challenges and construct new and improved strategies to move forward. Read what client churches have to say.

Is Unglued Church Right for My Congregation?


Are you motivated to move past the “way we’ve always done it” mentality, but not quite certain what needs to change or how to make change happen? If you’re ready to make decisions for the future based on faith—not fear—and are fueled by the promise that God is doing something new in your midst, then Unglued Church is for you. 

My Interest is Piqued. How Do I Learn More?

Contact Graham Standish at 888.200.9746, x1000 or send him a message at gstandish@samaritancounseling.net.

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Client Church Endorsements

The Unglued Church provided a process for us to ask the “why” and the “how” questions. The small groups welcomed many church members into the conversation. The materials provided an easy guide for the small group leaders. The Unglued Church process helped us claim our identity as a “community church,” called to reach outside our walls to our neighbors. The resources (written and human) gave us courage to step out in faith in becoming who God is calling us to be.

Sarah and Susan were wonderful leaders. They walked with us through the ups and downs, encouraged us, and remained faithful as we worked through the process. In addition to scheduled meetings, they were available and ready to help any way that they could.

We found out who we were was not what we thought. We looked at our church’s mission in a whole new way. When we met with another much smaller church, we realized that they were doing so much with so few people and were encouraged to move forward. The whole process gave us a clear picture of who we are as a church and guided us to take action.

Susan, our consultant, was engaging, funny and committed not just to the project but also to the work of the Body of Christ in our troubled world.

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