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2021 Accreditation

Our Commitment to Excellence

Every four years Samaritan undergoes a comprehensive accreditation process that begins by gathering and organizing dozens of policies and procedures and updating dozens more. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. Following document submission, the process continues for another week when the accreditor arrives to inspect, check, interview, and observe. Our accrediting organization, the Solihten Institute in Denver, CO, explains:

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Accreditation helps centers "maintain sound organizational structures, efficient management and administration, high-quality clinical processes, appropriate personnel and financial practices, and professional accountability through standards that are recognized nationally by managed care companies, denominations, and colleagues in the field." 


Our last accreditation was performed in 2021 by Doug Stephens, a licensed counselor and vice president of the Solihten Institute. We're pleased to say that Samaritan passed with flying colors.

Luci Ramsey, our director of operations and finance, coordinates information for our national accrediting organization, the Solihten Institute

What this Means for You


Whether you’re a former or prospective client, a donor, a therapist, or other stakeholder you can rest assured that Samaritan is committed to offering excellent, affordable services, maintaining fiscal health, and preserving our status as a leading, faith-based counseling center in Western Pennsylvania. Likewise, we are continually improving, expanding, and evolving to meet the mental, emotional, and spiritual health needs of Pennsylvanians.


You can see us in-person at any of our multiple offices, or you can arrange virtual counseling with your therapist. As long as you are a PA resident, you can receive virtual counseling with us. 

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