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Helpful Resources

Crisis Hotlines


Crisis/Emergency Situations

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911 or get to a hospital emergency room.

Local Crisis Hotlines

You can speak with trained professionals by calling these hotlines associated with the following Western PA counties:

Allegheny County 888.796.8226
Beaver County 800.400.6180
Butler County 800.292.3866 or

Erie County 800.300.9558

Jefferson County 800.341.5040

Lawrence County 800.273.8255

Washington County 877.225.3567

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



How Addiction Affects Family & Friends

Recovery from Substance Abuse

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Info on Sleep Disorders


Need Help or Referrals in Your Community? DIAL 2.1.1 

Southwest Pennsylvania's Helpline for All Human Services

Non-Emergency Resources

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