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Consent and Testimonial Submission

I understand that by filling in the above name fields, I am providing my authorized signature to consent to the use of my testimonial as described below, and that Samaritan will contact me to confirm this authorization.

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Samaritan will not publish your full name, phone number, or email, nor share them with another person or entity.

By providing my full name above, I acknowledge/understand that the written testimonial I provide may be used by Samaritan Counseling, Guidance, Consulting, in full or in part, for marketing/advertising purposes. My testimonial may be distributed via Samaritan's website, social media pages, and used in promotional materials, printed and/or posted online, such as brochures, the annual report, newsletters, and flyers.

Expiration - I have the right to revoke this consent at any time and may do so by calling 412.741.7430 and providing my full name, call-back number, and my stated request to revoke my consent. If I revoke consent, Samaritan will remove my testimonial from online platforms and will cease to print/post it in the aforementioned materials going forward. However, I understand that any printed materials that included my testimonial that had already been distributed will not be retrievable. Furthermore, I understand that previous online posts, although deleted, may still appear in some searches.

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Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your willingness to share! By sharing, you give hope to others who read your story.

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