Clinical and Program Staff

Our World Class Team

Samaritan therapists . . .


  • Are state licensed. This means that they have fulfilled the highest and most rigorous requirements in their field. Licensure allows them to accept health insurances.

  • Receive continuing education as well as training in spiritually-integrated therapy.

  • Specialize in multiple types of therapy.

  • Come from diverse faiths and backgrounds.

  • Demonstrate integrity, compassion, and non-judgement in their interactions with all people—attributes we look for and require of every therapist we hire.

  • Serve at one or more of our offices to provide in-person counseling or teletherapy.

Our Non-Clinical Staff . . .

  • Like our therapists, are people of integrity and diverse faiths. 

  • Are highly skilled and caring professionals who each contribute to the well-being of those we serve through their work at Samaritan.



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