Steps to Successful Therapy

LEFT:  Susan Young, therapist

and Clinical Director

You and Your Therapist Are a Team.

Make a Commitment to the Process

Work at it and work together!

Be Truthful with Yourself and Your Therapist

Honesty is essential for the two of you to build a strong, trusting relationship and will help your therapist to better help you.


Break Down the Barriers

Therapy is the place where you should say what you want to say and be who you want to be. Your conversations are confidential


Be Open to Change

Be willing to try the exercises your therapist recommends for you. There is always an important purpose behind them.


Feel Free to Express Your Faith

We provide faith-based counseling. If you desire to have your faith beliefs integrated into your counseling, do tell your therapist. He/she will work within the context of your beliefs without attempting to impose a particular belief system.

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