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Counseling for Children and Adolescents

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Anxiety affects 30% of children and adolescents, yet 80% do not get treatment.

Untreated anxiety disorders can lead to depression, failure in school, and substance abuse.

Kids Have a Special Place in Our Hearts


Samaritan creates a safe space where your child will be listened  to and not judged.

We understand child development and are passionate about helping children and teens. We listen. We encourage. We connect with them by taking an interest in what’s important to them. We also respect the level at which you as parents want to be involved.

Society is much more complex than it was 20 years ago, and kids today are more stressed than adults.

They not only experience high levels of angst over pressure to succeed in school, sports, and other activities, but they also struggle with social identity, are fearful of school violence, and worry about the future. Their anxiety is exacerbated by today's technological environment.


Learn more, including how to tell if your child needs help,

by clicking HERE.

We're committed to helping your child grow up healthy.

A therapist will work with your child to determine the root cause of his or her problems, and develop a treatment plan to address those problems and specific needs.

At Samaritan, we believe that all children have a unique story to tell.  We listen to their story, and we walk alongside them throughout their journey to wellness.

We have therapists who specialize in working with children and teens. Call Samaritan at 888.200.9746 to arrange for your child's appointment. (Parents should call to make appointments for their children ages 6-17. Young adults 18 and over need to contact us directly to schedule their appointments.)

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