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Young Adult Counseling

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Do you feel like your expectations are not being met no matter how hard you try? Has your stress reached a crisis level?

Students, Recent Graduates, and All Young Adults:


Do you feel like you're always living your life in a "crisis mode?"


Whether you're currently working towards a degree, have recently graduated, or are otherwise striving to make your way in the world, you are in an age group of young adults who are often stressed beyond your limits.

More than half of students today have reported that they feel overwhelmed by anxiety. College counselors can't keep up with the demand. Depression and anxiety top the list of overall health problems experienced by students--and depression is the number one reason for dropping out of school. Not surprising, since over 34% of college students have indicated suffering from depression.

  • Young people who have graduated and are embarking upon careers are finding it difficult to pay off school loans and make ends meet.

  • Regardless of schooling, training, or type of employment, many young adults have moved back home with their parents. Others are sharing apartments with multiple roommates.

  • Still others, both married and unmarried, serving in the military or returning home from service, are finding it particularly hard to live life during these tumultuous times.


Do you feel that your own expectations--and/or those of other people in your life--are not being met, no matter how hard you try?

There is relief to be had through counseling. Our therapists will help you to see your way through. They can provide you tools and resources for managing stress and help you develop healthy ways to navigate through your circumstances. You don't have to face hardship alone.

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