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Anger Management

Not sure if you're anger is normal or detrimental to your health and the health of those around you?

You need help managing your anger if you...
  • Frequently argue with others at home, work or anywhere

  • Strike your spouse, partner and/or children

  • Threaten and/or intimidate family members, colleagues, neighbors, etc.

  • Hold in your anger, then explode at a later time

  • Dwell on your anger (refuse to forgive; replay situations over and over in your mind; formulate ways to get back at people)

  • Engage in self-defeating behaviors (absence from work/ school; withdrawal from family/friends/social situations)

  • Throw or break objects during angry outbursts

  • Drive recklessly when losing your temper on the road

  • Have run-ins with law enforcement

Free Yourself from Unhealthy Anger

Anger is a normal human emotion. But expressing anger in unhealthy ways not only damages your own health and well-being, but often brings pain and suffering to others.

Aggressive anger can lead to acts of violence. Passive anger is unhealthy, too, and can be detrimental to your relationships.

Samaritan’s Anger Management Program helps you gain critical tools for managing your anger in healthy ways. For example, you will learn to:

  • Explore your anger "triggers" 

  • Practice techniques to calm yourself

  • Communicate assertively versus aggressively 

  • Develop coping strategies

Anger Management is delivered one-on-one or in a group setting where opportunities to share with your peers enriches your learning experience. The group meets for 12 evening sessions.

Our Anger Management Counselor

Tom Kneier, Licensed Professional Counselor, is certified in anger management therapy. He offers anger management at Samaritan in addition to his other counseling services.

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