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Couples Counseling

Happy Couple

We counsel both married and unmarried partners through traditional or intensive counseling.

We Understand Couples; Trust Us to Help You


Did you know that on average, couples experiencing trouble in their relationships wait about six years before seeking professional help? As a result, they’ve built up a lot of resentment toward each other by the time they sit down with a counselor.

Couples often get “stuck” in an unhealthy pattern of communication and behaviors that prevents them from enjoying one another.

Are you and your partner feeling stuck? If so, your relationship may seem like a battlefield—or at least a breeding ground for insecurity, distrust, withdrawal and other negative feelings.

Couples Counseling will reveal and address the issues causing your “stuck pattern” and will help you to find solutions to restore your relationship. Whether you’ve reached a crisis due to infidelity, parenting issues, or financial hardship—or you’ve found yourselves unable to enjoy doing things together like you used to, we can help.

We offer both traditional couples counseling as well as Couples Intensive Counseling. The latter is a comprehensive, four-hour session that many couples find empowering. Learn more about it by downloading the brochure.


At Samaritan, we understand that you’re struggling and hurting—and we’re here to help you foster hope, healing, and positive change. We will strive to empower you to nurture and strengthen the bonds of love and trust that you once shared.

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