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Workshop Instructor

The Rev. Dr. Graham Standish, PhD, MDiv, MA, MSW, is the executive director of Samaritan and director of its Caring for Clergy and Congregations program. He has been a pastor for 35 years, as well as a therapist, spiritual director, clergy coach, teacher, and internationally-known speaker.

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Two Tuesdays
Oct. 25 & Nov. 1
AM - Noon

Sewickley Presbyterian Church
Dining Hall, Lower Level


Pastors' Workshop:

Cultivating a Spiritually Grounded Church

Cost: $60 for two sessions;
includes refreshments


We all want our churches to be spiritually vibrant and active, but how do we cultivate it when we haven’t been trained for it? How do we intentionally create a spiritually thriving church that leads to deeper lives, engaging ministry, and active mission by crafting a spiritually discerning approach?


Led by the Rev. Dr. Graham Standish, who literally wrote the book on cultivating a thriving, spiritually grounded congregation in his best-selling book, Becoming a Blessed Church (2005, revised 2016), and has turned around and grown two churches and a non-profit. He will offer insights and guidance on how to:

  • Lead a board and committees to be more spirituality grounded and discerning in their decision-making; 

  • Adopt an approach that spiritually nurtures a congregation through classes, groups, practices, intentional opportunities, ministries, missions, and more;

  • Encourage grass roots, organic ministry and mission that helps members turn their callings into unique ministry and mission; 

  • Naturally create a church where members and visitors tangibly sense God’s presence.