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Pastors' Workshop:
Creating an Experiential Church

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Sewickley Presbyterian Church

Lower Level

Thurs., April 20

9 AM - Noon

Cost: $30

Includes Light Refreshments

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About This Workshop

So many churches have become static, despite our best efforts to revive them. More and more members are leaving the church. Fewer are growing up in the church. What are people seeking that we’re not offering?

The answer is that they’re seeking an experience of God—an encounter with God. They want to sense God’s presence and voice in their lives. This workshop offers a new approach to church that emphasizes:

  • An apostolic approach rather than a prophetic.

  • A spiritual foundation rather than just theological or traditional.

  • Practical guidance on how to preach, teach, and lead the church in rethinking how it can offer meaningful and engaging experiences.

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Workshop Instructor

This workshop is led by the Rev. Dr. Graham Standish, PhD, MDiv, MA, MSW, executive director of Samaritan and director of its Caring for Clergy and Congregations program. Graham has written 10 books and led a church to grow for 22 years based on an experiential approach to ministry.

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