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Two Thursdays March 31 & April 7* 9:30am - Noon

Cost: $60
includes refreshments

*Workshop 1 can be attended via zoom, although you're encouraged to attend in-person.

Workshop 2 is in-person only since its focus is on practicing strategies and methods.

Clergy Workshop:

From Congregational Resistance to Resourcefulness

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Churches have always resisted change, but it’s become worse due to the pandemic and polarization, leading churches into steeper decline. Frustrated pastors are changing churches and leaving ministry. Some churches are being held hostage by dysfunctional lay leaders.
Yet churches have to change if we’re to stave off deep decline and congregational death.


Rooted in insights from individual, group, and family systems therapy, organizational psychology, spiritual formation, and 34 years of experience in turning around and growing churches and organizations, the Rev. Dr. Graham Standish will offer pragmatic guidance for church leaders on transforming resistance into resourceful change.

Workshop 1

Thurs., March 31

Understanding why they resist and how to use their resistance creatively.

Workshop 2

Thurs., April 7:


Pragmatic ways to turn domineering resisters into resourceful supporters. 


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Workshop Instructor

The Rev. Dr. Graham Standish, PhD, MDiv, MSW, MA, is executive director of Samaritan and director of our Caring for Clergy and Congregations program. He is experienced in turning around and growing churches and non-profits, and is the author of ten books on spirituality and congregational transformation. Learn more