Who We Are

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Samaritan at a Glance
  • Founded in 1982

  • Are a 501 c3 nonprofit

  • Operate offices in 6 Western PA counties

  • Accredited by Solihten Institute

  • Accept most major insurances, Medicare, and provide financial aid for those who qualify

  • Endorsed by the American Medical Association and major religious denominations

Our Purpose

For those who silently suffer with emotional, relational, or spiritual pain, we offer compassionate care that helps them to heal, gives them hope, and allows them to change.

Like the biblical Samaritan who stopped to help the injured man on the road, we take care of people when they're wounded. But the people we help are wounded on the inside, At Samaritan, we tend to internal wounds from a spiritually-integrated approach, while utilizing the best clinical practices available. We believe that deep healing occurs when mind, body, and spirit achieve renewal and harmony.

Providing Counseling, Guidance, and Consulting in Greater Pittsburgh

As counselors, we provide holistic professional counseling while showing compassion, and never passing judgment.


We provide guidance through coaching, spiritual direction, anger management, and support groups.

As consultants, we serve pastors and congregations to help them enrich their ministries. We offer educational workshops for couples, parents, families, and the community at-large.


Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals, families, and faith communities, from all backgrounds and faiths to achieve the health, wholeness, and purpose that God intended.