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Sermon in Church

Oct. 2021
Webinar: Sustaining Your Pastor for the Long Haul

Hosted by the Synod of the Trinity, this gathering of church elders and members offered an opportunity for churches to consider how they can minister to their pastors so that they feel renewed and restored for ministry. Presented by The Rev. Dr. Graham Standish


Video 1: Reducing the Pastor's Load

Video 2: Valuing Your Pastor

Video 3: Creating a Better Context

Pastors have emerged from the pandemic feeling overwhelmed and often unappreciated. 


Videos and Articles


By The Rev. Dr. N. Graham Standish, PhD, MSW, MA, MDiv


Online Worship for Pastors


Prayerful Decision-Making


Pastoring in Viral Times


Ministering in a Time of Crisis


Video (below): Pastoring in Unprecedented Times

Insights for Healers

Fall - Dealing with Darkness


April 9th - Living in the Present Moment

April 2nd - Attachment vs. Detachment

April 30th - Abandonment and Surrender

June 26 - Will vs. Willpower