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Compassionate, Professional Counseling, In-Person and Virtual

Struggling with emotional, relational, or spiritual pain?

We offer compassionate, spiritually-integrated care that

helps you heal, gives you hope, and allows you to change

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Offering You Hope & Healing


Restoring Mind, Body, and Spirit

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PASTORS: Is there a spiritual "force" that can flow through our ministry? Is it possible to have a ministry of "coincidences?" Dr. Graham Standish talks to us about how, and shares miraculous coincidences he's experienced over his 34 years of ministry.
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Congregation for Clergy

Our Impact

9,424 Counseling Sessions Provided in 2020, a 27% increase over 2019



9424 counseling sessions provided in 2020

Counseling Sessions

$90,520 Samaritan Cares Funds Provided, a 13% Increase over 2019

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Financial Aid

$90,520 provided through our Samaritan Cares program for those in need



~350 Services/Activities Provided to Churches, Pastors, and Community Groups

350 workshops, trainings, and other programs provided to clergy and community groups



What's New?

New Growth

Join therapist Sean Monger for a moment of relaxation.

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