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Are you struggling with emotional, relational, or spiritual pain? Our licensed therapists offer compassionate, spiritually integrated care to help you heal, give you hope, and allow you to change

We believe that . . .

  • God intended for you to live a healthy, balanced life filled with joy and a sense of purpose.

  • You can heal from deep wounds and overcome the challenges that are holding you back from living a better life.

  • Your faith beliefs play a vital role in healing. Our therapists will honor your expressed beliefs and make them a core part of your counseling.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Helping You Live Your Best Life

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De-stress. Feel better.

Life Coaching

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Caring for Clergy & Congregations

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  • Clergy Coaching and Spiritual Direction

  • Pastor Leadership Renewal Groups

  • Transformational Ministry Workshops

  • Creative Clergy Consults

  • Preaching Consultations, and . . .

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Unglued Church

Are you ready to try something new?

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Our Impact

9,424 Counseling Sessions Provided in 2020, a 27% increase over 2019


10,092 counseling sessions provided in 2021


Counseling Sessions

$90,520 Samaritan Cares Funds Provided, a 13% Increase over 2019

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Financial Aid

$71,468 provided through our Samaritan Cares program for those in need



~350 Services/Activities Provided to Churches, Pastors, and Community Groups

163 trainings, specialized groups, and other services provided to clergy and community groups